About Us

Betwid was created to popularize sports betting, as well as to help webmasters and companies who has been working in this area. The service is developed and managed by the R2Ace team.

We at R2Ace are convinced that everyone should do their own thing. Our company has been specializing in the development and programming of various betting web services since 2013, and this is our strong side. Therefore, we decided to contribute to the betting industry and create Betwid - a set of tools that allows companies and webmasters to create web services on their sites absolutely for free.

We do not aspire to make money from this project; however, development process requires resources. That is why we placed a banner at our widgets. So, we are hoping, that it can attract advertisers, and all the money that we will earn from the advertisement, we can spent on the development of our project. We are realizing that some companies would want to remove the banner ad, and they can do that, but they need to buy the subscription. When you are paying for a subscription, you not only disable the banner ad, you also contribute to the development of the project.